shaphoto (shaphoto) wrote,


I think i have some sort of axiety dissorder... other than OCD... which is begining to get worse.

I think to myself... "you're an artist, you're allowed to be imbalanced"

I don't like dealing with people because they hardly ever do things the way I want/need them to be done.

But I like people... sometimes

I get annoyed... REALLY annoyed

I care too much what people think of me

I don't get life

no one does... if they say they do, they're lying

I feel like people don't care

they probably don't care

things should get better

I'm very good at giving advice...

I know the answers to my questions

I know things

I know many things

I know when I'm correct

I do not know how to be "normal"

there isn't a "normal"

I need a new life
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