shaphoto (shaphoto) wrote,

Life is weird... I'm not a "christian" yet I listen to "christian" music, go to different churches, and hang out with people that claim to be "saved". I'm a truth seeker. I wish I could know for certain that the God in the Bible is real. I'm a logical person, and the things I've heard so far have made no sense. I believe there is a higher power somewhere out there, but the biblical God seems far fetched. Someone said there was no reason for man kind to make up the bible. I sorta kinda believe people made it up because they needed comfort in death. "what happens when we die?" In all honesty I just don't know. I'd like to know, I want proof... real proof... like the wind is there because i can feel it, the sky is blue, snow is cold, people can't breathe water type of proof... more on this later...
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